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Support and monitoring

OpenIAP Opencore license

We can offer you our monthly subscription on our OpenIAP Opencore license

It consists of:

  • Premium support access, the premium support model with helpdesk support and a 4 hour SLA within danish opening hours.

    • The support is charged pr. hour, and is used for in depth meetings and work for you.

    • We provide you with our Tech calendar to enable you to easily and flexible setup a meeting with us used for training, architecture, problem solving etc...

  • Opencore software, which gives you custom dashboards and graphs, tailored monitoring of openflow, infrastructure and custom tools for perfomance optimization, troubleshooting flows and infrastructure.

  • Updates, where we log on, in agreed upon service windows and update the software to the latest version.

  • Also included is monitoring of you installation on which you host our product. We will survey with our Opencore software monitor your solution, and react if there is a problem.

  • On the fly chat support, where if you have questions, can get them answered on the fly.