OpenIAP's open source solutions.

With unlimited RPA robots

With unlimited users, workflows, runtime, api requests and what ever weird thing you could think of someone would charge for.

Product elements

  • OpenRPA - RPA, no extras, no whistles and bells, just pure scalable, battle hardend and very secure RPA robotsOpenRPA - Automate Windows, Java, SAP, IE, Chrome/Edge/Firefox, MS Office and using image recognition.

  • OpenRPA - No language lock in, like Python. Recorder and low code Workflow, and embed code written in multiple languages like VB/C#/Python/PowerShell/JavaScript/Perl/Go etc.

  • OpenRPA - Deploy scalable robot farms, easily scale up and down per server, and across as many servers you want.

  • OpenRPA - Support for Child Session ( some times called Picture in Picture )

  • OpenRPA - Can run stand alone or be connected to OpenIAP Flow for enhanced features and security.

  • OpenRPA - Fully controlable using PowerShell or NodeRED or OpenIAP Flow

  • OpenIAP Flow - Easy single server deployment using either npm packages or docker.

  • OpenIAP Flow - Easy spin up multiple NodeRED instances to automate across 3000+ api integrations and inside openflow and your robots.

  • OpenIAP Flow - User Federation, Access Control List on all data, on the fly encryption on sensetive data, extensive audit logging, built in version history on all data, scales to PETA byte of data

  • OpenIAP Flow - Built as an Micro Service Arcitecture solutions and makes it easy for you to comply with this way of thinking and scaling your own automation.

  • OpenIAP Flow - Support for multi data center deployement, supports mesh topologies for running in secure enclaves

  • OpenIAP Flow - Support deployments on docker desktop, kubernetes and openshift.

  • Join the community forum or rocket chat to share ideas and questions

  • Access to user documentation, install documentation and training videos.

  • Yes, you can use it in your company regardless of size, as much as you want, how ever you want ( as long as you comply with MPL-2.0 )

  • Yes, you can sell it to your customers, Yes you can rebrand/white label it ( as long as you comply with MPL-2.0 ), Yes all of the above is free

Price 0 DKK/month

(exactly 0 USD since marts 1 2019)

Released as truly open source, does not depend on 3rd party closed source solution

OpenIAP cloud offering

GDRP compliant, 99,9%> uptime

OpenIAP offers free access to OpenIAP flow at you get 25mb diskspace for free and you can start a ram limited nodered that gets turned off after 24 hours.

If you enable multi tenancy for your user, you can add multiple users and roles. Only with a valid VAT number will billing be enabled. Then you can buy ...

... more diskspace at 3DKK per 50MB a month (Aprox 0,46 USD at december 26. 2021)

... dedicated nodered(s) that does not get turned off, price will depend on the amount of RAM you need


With 355MB ram

Add a basic nodered instance to one or more users, that does not get turned off after 24 hours.

Price 228 DKK/month

(Aprox 35 USD at december 29. 2021)


With 512MB ram

More RAM, usefull if using TagUI or Puppertee image ( chrome likes ram ) or when using nodes that require more ram like, Tensor for image recognition.

Price 532 DKK/month

(Aprox 80 USD at december 29. 2021)


With 1 Gigabyte ram

Even more ram for heavy dudy workflows that needs alot of RAM.

Price 800 DKK/month

(Aprox 121 USD at december 29. 2021)


With 2 Gigabyte ram

Time to consider dedicated cluster or at least you should seriusly consider distributing the workload amongst multiple instances, using the Micro Service Arcitecture nodes

Price 1600 DKK/month

(Aprox 243 USD at december 29. 2021)

Try it now at

And Join the community forum or rocket chat to share ideas and questions

Dedicated kubernetes cluster

With 1 m10 Mongo DB cluster

With 3 kubernetes servers

Product elements

  • Opencore software

  • 2 Premium License

  • Premium support

  • Monitoring of your instance.

  • Updates.

Price 8982 DKK/month

(Aprox 1367 USD at december 29. 2021)

Premium support included

Premium License

Enterprise tools for scaling

When you want to deploy on premise, your local hosting center or using your own cloud provider ( like Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, Alibaba etc ) you can buy one or more license keys.You can combine and run multiple OpenCore and premium versions at the same time.

Product elements

  • Opencore software - All the features in the open source offering

  • Access to monitring using OpenTelemetry. Collection of both performance data for monitoring and spans for detailed logging of all events.

  • Access to reporting/dashboards on any (un)structuted data saved in the database. Easy design custom reports and dashboard, using same security model as in OpenFlow.

  • Product liability

  • Premium support, helpdesk support with 4 hour SLA within danish opening hours.

  • Access to dedicated priority support channels on rocket chat.

  • Access to support/training/operations via email/rocketchat/online meetings at 1150 DKK/hour (Aprox 175 USD at december 26. 2021)

  • Option to fund development of new features or enhancments of existing features.

  • Monitoring of your instance. We make sure, that infrastructure and our software is performing and up and running. We will also react if it is not running or performing well. Lightweight monitoring is a "open eye" version of monitoring. If you want monitoring of your infrastructure ask for a quote.

  • Updates, we log on, in agreed upon service windows and update the infrastructure and openflow to the latest version.

  • When you buy the first license you get access to two license keys ( one for demo/dev and one for production ) and you can then buy more instances at 2500 DKK/Month (Aprox 380 USD)

Price 5000 DKK/month

(Aprox 760 USD at december 29. 2021)

Proof of concept

  • Docker compose file with the complete openflow platform

  • 2 hours POC setup help

  • Opencore software for 3 months

  • Get 3 hours of training in an area of the platform of your choosing.

Price 17.092,50 DKK

(Aprox 2600 USD at december 29. 2021)

This is a full price for 3 months. After 3 months the premium featueres will be deactivated. You can choose to continue without premium at no further costs

Additional Proof of concept hours

  • In the first 3 months, from your first purchase of the POC package, you will be able to buy more hours.

  • You book and pay in our calendar, and the help can be used for anything related to the framework, apart from actually us building your solution.

  • After 3 months you need to choose a support plan to get more help.

Price per hour 1654 DKK/hour

  • (Aprox 251 USD at december 29. 2021)

Basic Support

Product elements

  • Enhanced community support.

  • Email/helpdesk support with 1 business day SLA within danish opening hours.

  • Access to support/training/operations via email/rocketchat/online meetings at 1350 DKK/hour (Aprox 205 USD at december 26. 2021)

  • May not be used for Proff of Concepts

Price 500 DKK/month

(Aprox 76 USD at december 29. 2021)