OpenIAP applications collects telemetry data about general usage. Participation in this program is optional, and you may opt-out if you'd not like to share any information.

Why Is Telemetry Collected?

In order to document usage patterns of the different applications to help decide what features to focus on and how they are used, usage information from OpenIAP applications gets collected and sent to . Each instance generate an unique non-reversable ofid based on the domain name, to collate each client to the instance it belonds.

What Is Being Collected?

For OpenRPA we collect ofid, memory and CPU usage for OpenRPA, hostname, username, number of workflow runs, number of active running workflows, and timing information for each activity type.

For OpenIAP flow we collect ofid, memory and CPU usage, database performance, online clients and client types, queue usage and number of packages and timing of each package.

For OpenIAP Nodered instances we collect memory and CPU usage, and timing information for each node type.

How Do I Opt-Out?

For OpenRPA in settings.json set enable_analytics to false, for all other create an environment variable named enable_analytics set to value false