We have developed two different open source products that are free for you to use. Products that automates, tracks and makes every little part of data useful. Furthermore, it saves time. OpenRPA and OpenFlow.

The world is overloaded with information, data, applications, IoT devices and technologies. Every company has a lot of different tasks and systems to help them with these tasks. Every system and device contains loads of data that are too much for a human being to handle and gather. Luckily there are technologies for this purpose too. These are called integrated automation platforms (IAP).

Although OpenRPA and OpenFlow are open source, we don’t leave you alone. You can purchase valuable consulting assistance on how to adapt the system to your specific needs, and monitor your OpenFlow instance.

Automate tedious tasks in minutes

Powerful, yet strikingly simple. OpenRPA is an open source robot processing automation technology, that lets you automate virtually any task and process in minutes. It’s free to use, easy to scale - and yours to own. Start increasing the efficiency of your business today and let your new robots free up valuable time.

Organize and automate across everything

Start connecting the dots and bots - and turn data into action. OpenFlow gives you the overview and full control of your automated organisation. It integrates and automates seamlessly across humans, systems and things, enabling you to harness the full potential of new technologies like IoT. It’s the future of automation - and it’s open source.

Use your time where it makes sense and let your robots do the rest

Full RPA and much more…

Turn data into action

We can communicate (extract data and control devices) with all forms of IT systems, older IndustriIOT devices and newer IOT devices. We allow transporting data and storing data in a secure storage solution, that allows Industry standardized secure realtime access to the data.

We allow automation based on the flow of data from the connected devices and we allow realtime reporting and BI on the collected data. For instance for optimizing elder homes, factories, hospitals, etc..

By offering realtime acces to data in a secure way we can help others create solutions that can push us closer to fulfilling the United Nations 17 world goals.

We created a stack on widely recognized technologies, like Kubernetes, Docker, MongoDB, NodeRed etc. that at the same time allows support of all IIOT/IOT protocols.



We’re open source, because we believe that grand impact happens, if we set technology free and work together. We’ll never chain anyone to a certain process, platform or technology. Instead, our platform and products are open to everyone — and you can get started straight away… So since July 2019;

  • OpenFlow has been downloaded more than 30.000 times

  • Openflow NodeRed has been downloaded more than 45.000 times

  • OpenRPA has been downloaded more than 9.000 times

  • We have integration to more than 3.000 IT systems

  • and we have more than 200.000 IOT devices gathering data into the platform

We’re setting automation free for all of us

Robot Processing Automation is a technology with the power to truly transform businesses and societies at large — only limited by how we decide to use it. It’s a technology that deserves to be set free. That’s why we’ve made a platform that everyone can use — and that’s why we’ve made it open source. Start optimizing your business and free up time, so you can spend it where it matters the most.

It’s automation made simple.

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OpenIAP is automation made simple — and open source.